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Using ethically sourced stones from our longstanding special network of local and international gem dealers, each piece is meticulously hand-picked. Knowing the gems have been personally selected gives my clientele the guarantee that they are reviewing authenticated gems by a qualified gemmologist. 

I also work closely with the finest goldsmiths to create timeless collections and bespoke pieces. Jewellery is meant to be worn and admired. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, but they share a common quality – they wish to own unique, one-of-kind jewels that are recognised for their eye-catching beauty and creative design. I offer specialised attention to clients with exceptional taste. My clients are the canvas for wearable, timeless art, and when they showcase themselves with pieces that hold meaning, they radiate happiness and confidence.

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Like many children, exploring my mother’s dressing room was a favourite pastime. The day I spotted an Indian silver box encrusted with tumbled amethyst stones was one that changed my life. I was mesmerised by their beauty as they caught the light and sparkled. As the daughter of a prominent socialite, I observed my mother’s impeccable fashion sense.  Bill Blass, Oscar De La Renta and Emilio Pucci! My mother not only wore cutting edge fashion to exclusive social gatherings, but she had the perfect jewellery to complement and complete the look. Most gifts are meant to be kept and cherished, but when my mother gave me a parcel of marquise-shaped diamonds when I was 16, I set about designing a pair of diamond cluster earrings. Upon completion, I gifted them back to my mother, and she promised to wear them proudly telling everyone that her jewellery designer was her daughter! 



Emerging from this colourful backdrop my passion for jewellery and gemstones catapulted me into the rarified world of the world’s leading auction house, Sotheby’s. Working in this environment gave me the chance to handle exclusive collections from around the world with a team of renowned specialists. I could not have dreamed my pieces would one day be scrutinised and sold by those very same gem specialists under whom I developed a discerning eye for quality and beauty. I’m honoured now to call them personal friends that I work with closely. My journey from Sotheby’s to Van Cleef & Arpels was a natural and exciting next step where I was privileged to work with one of the world’s most exclusive brands. It was this experience that eventually inspired me to step out and start designing my own pieces.



Gem Voyager is the culmination of all these experiences. From my elegant and stylish mother, I inherited aspects of her impeccable taste. Unimpeachable credentials from the world’s leading gemmological institutions gave me the cachet and the track record that is essential. And last but not least, my Eurasian heritage gave me a foot in different cultures and traditions. 

Inspiration, for me, originates from beauty in nature and extraordinary architecture. When the two merge, exceptional jewellery comes to life. Recently, on the white sands of The Maldives, my son picked up a small seashell with a spiral motif. This simple creation shaped by the timeless tumbling waves of the Indian Ocean inspired me to transform the shell into a pendant. Brilliant-cut diamonds caress the edge of the shell as it suspends from a champagne-coloured fancy-cut diamond. Whenever I wear it, I think of that intimate moment when my son placed the shell in my palm. 

My jewellery will capture your individual story and make it a magical memory you will treasure.  Insight and ideas are revealed as I turn over gems  – and shells – between my fingers.  Working closely with my clients, I create jewellery that turns heads in curiosity and wonder whilst becoming a part of your personal legacy.

Shell necklace by Gem Voyager

Ethical Responsibility


The world and our shared environment are under great stress. The jewellery industry has contributed in part to the current state of affairs. 

Mara Hotung has spent time and energy sourcing responsible and ethical gem dealers and manufacturers who care about our planet. Mara personally vets her suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the gems and materials used in her designs are responsibly sourced. 

Mara also advocates recycling and reusing jewellery to reduce waste. It is important that our industry be transparent, and contributes meaningfully to efforts to look after our planet. It’s also important to give back.

Social Responsibility

Supporting Charities

Gem Voyager has supported Youth Action Diabetes, Leonard Cheshire Disability, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the English National Ballet.

Please click on the links above to find out more about these wonderful charities.

Mara Hotung, Gem Voyager

In The Press

Mara Hotung, Gem Voyager has appeared in various publications.

Proud to have achieved the prestigious LUX Fine Jewellery Of The Year 2017. The Global Excellence Awards honours the contributions of the very best of those within the industry whose aim is above and beyond the competition. Credited for demonstrating excellence within their chosen field.


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