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New Website

Jewellery is very personal and speaks to people differently. I enjoy communicating through my creations, as each piece has a story and my hope is that my designs speak to you.

To that end, I am thrilled to share with you my brand new website.

The website now displays the “Fine Jewellery Collection” as well as the more affordable line “Mara by Mara”. The new website also features a brand new and exciting Homeware/Lifestyle section, and last, but not least, my regular blogs.

Many of my design inspirations come from nature or from architectural elements. Dazzling colourful gems – pink sapphires, olive green peridot, purple amethysts and silvery moonstones play an important role in my work, and I allow the stones to speak for themselves. The colourful cabochons set in the Aqua Ring or the whimsical opal broaches are examples of what I mean. But I also place a high priority on functionality and the duality of my pieces, for example, a long necklace can be transformed into a choker and bracelet.

“Mara by Mara” is a collection of easy, wearable jewellery that I have created as a response to the many requests that I have had to add a more affordable line. The pieces are set in 18K vermeil or sterling silver and embellished with cubic zirconia. I thoroughly enjoyed designing the first of this series, “Faith”, which is based on the beautiful and evocative windows that play such a central role in ancient English Cathedrals. I’m currently working on the second series, “Shalimar”, that takes its inspiration from the timeless romance of The Shalimar Gardens of Lahore.

I have also included gentleman’s cufflinks, Terra, which uses unusual semi-precious stones simply set in sterling silver. The collection’s name pays homage to the interesting stones our wonderful Earth creates.

And some more news! As some of you might be aware I have been working on a Homeware and Lifestyle collection of exclusive products that are inspired not only my work with gemstones, but take root in the simple elegance of my home. The first product in this new area is my beautifully scented “Gem Candles”. The collection is made up of 6 fragrances, each uniquely designed and created with reference to six gemstones – Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Jade and Pearl.

I hope you will enjoy browsing, shopping and learning about gems and jewellery as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.


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