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One of the lesser-known tiaras is Queen Alexandra’s Amethyst “Mystery” Tiara.  It was gifted to her by her brother-in-law Tsar Alexander III. When the Queen died intestate, her jewels were divided among her children. The amethyst tiara went to her eldest daughter...

Since its debut, the Downton Abbey film has achieved over £150 million. The budget was approximately £20 million which is quite an impressive return for a movie based on a TV drama series. Loyal fans have flocked to see it, not once but twice,...

To say that I was more than excited when I heard that  Downton Abbey was making its way to the silver screen is an understatement. Since its television debut, Sunday nights were sacred. My mother, who was a bigger fan than I was, would join me in front of a roaring fire my husband had just made....