The Wonder of Mother Nature – Largest Rough Diamond

Have you ever wondered what the size of a 271-carat rough diamond crystal looks like?  Well, it’s big, as in the size of a small fist.

This rough, discovered in 2018 at the Victor Mine in Ontario, is the largest diamond of its kind discovered in North America.

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s


Have you ever wondered what cut, colour, clarity and carat weight could be achieved from such a large crystal?  102.39 carats, D, Flawless, Type IIa to be exact.  It’s not surprising it took Diacore over a year to cut.

Let’s break it down. Diamonds that are over 100 carats are rare. Diamonds that are D colour and Flawless AND Type IIa are exceptionally rare. Only two percent of diamonds in the world are subcategorised as  Type IIa. Lacking in nitrogen, these diamonds are chemically the purest and display a transparency described as fluid and watery. When a diamond has all these rare attributes, plus a GIA report describing the polish and symmetry as excellent, it can only be an extraordinary and astonishing gift from Mother Nature.

Photo credit: Sotheby’s


Historically, only seven white diamonds over 100 carats that are D colour and IF/F clarity have ever been offered at auction and only one oval-cut diamond of similar traits was sold at public auction. All the diamonds had reserves and all achieved remarkable hammer prices.

However, next month, Sotheby’s Hong Kong is offering this diamond without reserve. Yes, that’s right, WITHOUT reserve meaning it does not have a floor price. The diamond will go to the highest bidder irrespective of what Sotheby’s believes the selling price should be. This is the first time in auction history that a  diamond of this calibre and value will be offered this way. It’s an unprecedented move for an auction house to allow the market to determine the value.  This is a courageous act that speaks volumes.  I don’t know about you, but this diamond is already talking to me.

Photo credit: Sotheby’s



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