Theresa May and Nina Wadia talk type 1 diabetes at JDRF fundraiser, featuring a chalcedony and pink sapphire necklace by Gem Voyager

Mara Hotung with Rt Hon Theresa May at JDRF Fundraiser for type 1 diabetes

Rt Hon Theresa May. JDRF Ambassador – wearing a Chalcedony & Pink Sapphire necklace created and donated by Mara Hotung – Gem Voyager


Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs May at the British Medical Association. With covid restrictions lifted, it was fantastic to gather with friends, supporters and the amazing staff at JDRF. Nina Wadia, OBE kept us entertained with her questions to Mrs May who in turn amused us all with her quick wit and charm. Mrs May, who was diagnosed in 2012 with type 1 diabetes, is an inspiration to us all. She is an active Ambassador promoting JDRF research programs all the while managing her hectic schedule and her type 1 diabetes. ⁠

Mrs May kindly agreed to wear one of my designs, a chalcedony and pink sapphire necklace, that was later raffled to raise funds for type 1 diabetes research. She wore a vibrant purple outfit that complimented the necklace. ⁠⁠

Chalcedony & Pink Sapphire Necklace for type 1 diabetes

Chalcedony & Pink Sapphire Necklace by Mara Hotung, Gem Voyager. Donated and raffled for JDRF UK.


For me, the highlight of the evening was the raffle draw. As Mrs May pulled the ticket out, the room was silent in anticipation of hearing who the lucky winner would be. Lo and behold, my gorgeous niece Natasha was the lucky winner! And no, the draw was not rigged!! Without a beat, she kindly re-raffled the prize. I call that grace, thoughtfulness and class! Thank you, Natasha! ⁠

Mrs May then drew another raffle and this time the lucky winner was her husband!!! You couldn’t make this up and a roar of laughter erupted throughout the room. ⁠

Third-time draw, the winner was Alice ….. I felt so honoured when she said “Mara’s stunning necklace is the most beautiful piece I own and every time I look at it I see a brighter future for type 1 diabetes thanks to the supporters.”⁠

Such a feel-good evening!⁠

Read more about the evening with the Rt Hon Theresa May as she talked type 1 diabetes with Nina Wadia at the JDRF fundraising event.

Photo credit: Jonny Donovan⁠

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